configure digital output regeneration with 6533

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configure digital output regeneration with 6533

Postby rcatxi on 18 Nov 2014, 12:08

I want to continuous write a digital signal with the 6533 (PCI-DIO-32HS). This digital signal is generate from a finite pattern of 0 and 1 read from a txt file. The user could choose the sample rate and if the sequence will repeat continuously or only once.
1) I tried already with the “Write Property Node” in a while loop with a write function, but I can´t achieve it…The combination of this node with the DAQmx functions: write, start task, etc. that I did is not working.
Which functions should I use (write, start task, node, etc.) and in which order?
Which functions have to be in the while loop?
How should I configure the Write Property Node?
2) I tried also with the continuous sample mode from the DAQmx Timing and a continuous signal is generated. But how can I control to stop the task?
Because with this option I use the DAQmx Wait until done and I have this error -200560

Which option is better or should I do another?

Thank you!
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Re: configure digital output regeneration with 6533

Postby mzu2006 on 18 Nov 2014, 12:36

Check the example Cont Write Dig Port - included with DAQmx. try it unmodified. Does it work? If it does continue improving to fit your exact situation.
As to exact code you provided, it is hard to understand why you get -200560 (Timeout elapsed while waiting for task completion). What is your file size? What rate do you put in?
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